[IDICPathfinder] You love Me - Atlantis - Frost's Quarters - Laria(Frost)

Daniel Harrison

Lieutenant Laria Auel

Captain Zaran Frost

USS Atlantis NCC-100013 

<<Frost's Quarters>>

The night had been...perfect. At least as far as Laria was concerned. 

There were some who might argue, she supposed, but for was the start of something new. 

Zaran had told her that he loved her. Actually, he had told everyone on BOTH ships that he loved her.

 It was pretty much his way of trumpeting it to the Galaxy and that moment had given Laria back something she hadn't even known she was missing: Hope.

She smiled as she walked in to his quarters and took a few deep breaths. He had stayed behind after the final speeches to do his mingling thing and she had
 decided to head back to his quarters and wait for him. She wanted him to know how much what he had said meant to her. It had been pretty obvious, she supposed
 As obvious as the bond between Captain Graecen and her COO. Love was in the air, apparently. She looked around and then ordered the computer to put on some
 soft music. She made Zaran and herself a drink and sat down on the couch to wait for him. She supposed they needed to talk about the future but tonight she just
 wanted to enjoy his revelation and be one with him.

Zaran was tired. But, he smiled a little as he walked to his quarters. At least the night would be good. And, after his conversation with the councilwoman, he needed
to feel like he was someplace else, at least for a few hours. Arroyo was not happy,. But, that was something he had to deal with, along with the many other problems
that over the next few days would present themselves, 'before' they even departed.

His former XO would be reporting in tomorrow from the ambassador duties she's held. Current XO, Davin Rael would be replacing her going to serve in that capacity with the 

He opened the door to his quarters, and smiled as he saw Auel then. "Laria." he smiled. "Sorry I was a little late.."

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