"Staying the Night-" Gracean(Chambers)

Suzanne Hurley

Captain Celeste Graecen
USS Hippocrates NCC-58555

<<Captains Quarters>>

Music was on, the lights were dimmed. A sumptuous dinner was prepared and waiting as Celeste waited for Steven to respond to her invitation. It would be very nice to spend some time with him that wasn't all about work. They'd been running themselves ragged lately and hadn't had much time to spend together. She'd decided that she wanted to go on an actual "date" for a change. Hence the romantic atmosphere and the delicious dinner that caused her stomach to growl...

There was a soft ping at the door.

"Come in!" Celeste called but she was already heading to the door as her excitement and pleasure moved her forward. The door slid open with a light swoosh.
Steven stood there, smiling, wearing a black silk shirt and matching slacks. He held some flowers, and a bottle. "Thanks for the invite." he smiled. "This will cap a rather long and exhaustive day."

Celeste took the items from him and laid them down on the table near the door. Then she moved into his arms. "I hope you aren't too exhausted. I have some fun plans after dinner." She whispered rather huskily into his ear. She felt the chilly softness of his shirt and the contrasting coarse hair on his arms and it made her stomach dip. 

Celeste backed away a tiny bit and then took his hand with a smile. "Come on in. I'm hungry and food is ready. I hope you like pasta? And sausage?" She'd ordered a angel hair pasta dish with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and sausage. It smelled divine and she led him to the table.