Teamwork "About The Atlantis" Chambers (Graecen,Randall, Tillatix, Officers and Assistants)

Suzanne Hurley

Cmdr Steven Chambers
USS Hippocrates NCC-58555 

<< Conference Room One (Before the USS Atlantis Crew Meeting >>

"So, the Pathfinder mission already has the workings of a starbase, and a small colony from Denobulan survivors who chose to stay, established." Steven said carefully. "I think when we arrive, if we offload the civilians to that colony, assuming they wish to go, and we don't have a fight on our hands, it would free up more hospital space for other...means." He looked around. "We just don't know what to expect other then what we've been told. But the XO is right, we need drydock time. I hope this Platform Station is up to it.”

  "I'm half Denobulan if that helps."  The cat interjected.

Steven looked at the Caitian. "So, you could offer to intercede and talk to them? See if they'd be willing to go? Ask the Denobulans on that colony if they'd welcome everyone. At least for the short term?" He glanced at the Captain, then back to the group at large.

Ash sighed, inwardly, while she contemplated the obvious and didn’t want to state it. “The sad fact is that Hippocrates is ill equipped for this mission and is, likely to become a, defacto, semi-permanent medical facility attached to the station.. As an asset, that’s where we shine and, docked inside the defensive array of a station, present the least tactical and strategic liability in this environment. Basically, if we’re roaming around, we must have a bodyguard, more than most likely.  That’s not an ideal prospect for the command in this sector.” The XO observed.

“That would stretch the Security personnel, by dividing them, between the ship and station, et cetera?” Arlan asked. “It’s not like we can requisition more personnel and get a quick response, and/or fulfillment for any shortfall.”

“True enough. Captain Frost says that he has several allies already and we will be seeking more as part of our mission. We NEED to make this a viable part of the new Federation. As a medical ship, we have a very important mission…to bring good health to the galaxy. We still have that mission.” Celeste’s calm voice was soothing and intense.

Those words by Celeste brought a smile to Sav's face.  That was the truth behind the medical ship, to bring solutions and health to those in need, period.  Just because many galactic powers targeted Medical Ships because they would heal did not mean they would shirk their duty.  Still, as far as the current discussion went, she had nothing to bring to the 'table', as it were, so she stayed silent and listening.

“How can we show that the Hippocrates is a worthy addition?” Celeste had many ideas but she wanted to hear from the senior officers. They were here for a reason…all experienced people…and she wanted to know their thoughts and opinions.

"In actuality, if we wanted more security personnel, I would ask that we build an auxiliary.  Crew that are not primary in combat or related missions can be called upon to act as security when needed.  The new Denobulans could be a source.  We could start a training regimen now.  Dane could cover the legal aspects, Arlan and I could supervise the skills training.  Gunny could lead the physical training.  Another source is to ask for more from the Atlantis.  They have a bigger compliment of personnel.  Can they share?  Some may even want to transfer altogether."  The Assist Security Officer offered.  "Further we could offer functional cross training.  Our officers train there, theirs here.  Allows them to see different equipment and different style/knowledge points.  They can protect us better if they know our capabilities on a personal level."

"Excellent ideas." Chambers agreed. "If we're going to assist in this mission, let's go all the way. A complete cooperation and intermixing of crews to ensure cohesion and battle readiness. If we can offload patients to that planet, or their new station, that opens up a world of possibilities for us to assist as a mobile hospital, and not tied down orbiting a station, as was already stated."

Sav's tail shook twice at the mention of offloading patients to the planet, if the planet would have them.  While the patients would be homesick, being on a planet would give them a place to call home and to build upon, rather than a room and gyms on a starship always reminding them they are stuck upon a hospital ship for good or ill. 

“I Think that it’s a good idea but I am a little disturbed by the time that it would take. We want to avoid being stabilized on one area and this could cause that…unless we went WITH the Atlantis everywhere it goes. Do we have the engines for that? I know that they have a much faster ship and Captain Frost will not want to wait on us all the time. Still…we can achieve a lot by doing the cross-training idea. I’ll discuss it. Maybe we can determine some major locations that we can transfer crew back and forth.” Celeste glanced around.

Now here was something Sav could contribute to the conversation with.  "Ma'am, back in our area of space, we followed a route of need and always let the patrol ships out and about know we were in the area.  The same could be setup here.  We establish an initial route based upon need as prescribed by the Denobulans and local governments and let their patrol ships know.  That way we are 'escorted' via that area assigned ship and not continuously by the Atlantis."

"Handing off is an option."  Ash agreed, quietly.  "But, additional speed would be a huge asset.  We have the engines for it but we would have to sacrifice some of our livable spaces to make the required, structural, changes and reinforcements and nearly double the capacity of the structural integrity fields if we want to obtain anything as lofty as, say, Warp 9."  The, former, chief engineer advised.  "I'll have to confer with Lt. Speckleman on the details."  She added, with a thoughtful look.  "It's been a few years since I've helped redesign a star ship, on the fly."  She finished, with a little smile.

TAG Celeste??

“I think we can really help these people. I think that we are needed in case they run up against some of the enemies we suspect are out there. The Voyager encountered a broad variety of people and situations. Now its our turn.” Celeste looked around at them all. “I want you all to read every bit of the logs on LCARS that discuss the Voyagers journey. We all need to be familiar with what happened. Races, Planets, Enemies….Metrodora can only tell us so much if we are in the middle of a situation.”

 Sav churred lightly as her tail shook twice in affirmation of Celeste's comment about reading and learning everything they could.  She was used to that, having immigrated onto her family's now home planet.  It was par for the course to learn so as to not do really bad faux pas.  She would be voracious, and another thought came to her.. 

She spoke out to the attending officers.  "At my end, I will create some quick guides with flash tests for Flight Control Personnel about the area and locals.  I would willingly share them with anyone else who wants to quick study themselves and help absorb that knowledge.  It would be just like culture localization tests in college when getting ready to visit another culture on another world, or same world of cross culture peoples."

Ash nodded.  "Something like that, ship wide, would be ideal."  She remarked, liking the idea.  "Also touching once more on what threats we might encounter here.  There's precious little we can, or should, do to arm the Hippocrates, as a ship.  She's not a combatant, is not intended to be, and should not be seen as one, again, as a ship.  However, it might not be a bad idea to beef up the capabilities of a few of our shuttles so they punch, way above, their weight class, if needed for defense and also design a defensive, drone array similar to the sensor drones."  She suggested.

Steven nodded agreement. "Make our shuttles more combat ready. Also, improve shield capabilities. Once we hear the final plans what Atlantis and the other races already involved in this want us to assist with, we can more easily plan, or perhaps get assistance in doing so."

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